Author supports MOAS by donating proceeds of ‘Other American Dreams’ to migrant rescue at sea

September 20, 2015

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Sérgio F. Monteiro is donating 20 percent of the proceeds of his new novel, ‘Other American Dreams,’ to Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), a search and rescue charity working to save refugees crossing the Mediterranean in unsafe and overcrowded boats.

Sérgio’s novel debuts when the world’s media is flooded with reports about the migrant crisis in Europe as refugees continue to pour in by sea, putting their lives at risk and ending up in need of rescue, as demonstrated by the stellar efforts of MOAS that has culminated in more than 10,000 lives being saved in its first year of operation.

Set on islands off the coast of West Africa, where the slave trade once dominated the economy and life, Cape Verde is again at the heart of human trafficking when a fishing boat is found with 12 dead African migrants on board.

“In the book, the tragedy that happened on the boat might have been prevented by a group like MOAS,” observes the author of ‘Other American Dreams.’

The former Portuguese colony (1462-1975) has a history of migrant boat people from continental Africa arriving on its shores.

“I saw them come in shocked, malnourished, sometimes bruised,” remembers Sérgio. “And I saw the aftermath of how their lives evolved after they made it to Cape Verde. Some did well and others didn’t.”


In ‘Other American Dreams,’ Sergeant Abel ”Aranha” Teixeira of the Policia Nacional soon learns he is caught up, centre stage, in a murder investigation in Santiago steeped in corruption and the transnational drug trade. It’s a case that cuts deeper than he ever imagined.

Committed to bringing closure to the human tragedy the fishing boat created, Aranha is no stranger to the double-dealing and deception that oils the wheels of this small island state, where captured African slaves were brought to be traded until the practice was abolished on the islands in 1861.

Aranha is a man with powerful allegiances that run to the very core of Cape Verdean society and a murky past that he had left long behind, or so he thought. The Sergeant knows he has to lead his team of tough plainclothes officers into the battle against corruption, even if it means uncovering his own and facing his deadliest allegiance of all.

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