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Pizzagate: Confirmation Bias or Cognitive Dissonance

December 2, 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece entitled, ‘’How Damaging are The Emails Found on Anthony Weiner’s Computer? ’’ The election had been less than  72 hours away and FBI Director, James Comey had suddenly decided to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. It seems the joint FBI-NYPD investigation into Anthony Weiner – for allegedly sexting with a fifteen year old girl – had uncovered classified emails from Hillary Clinton on his laptop computer but the discovery had far reaching implications.

At the time, many in the online truth movement were postulating that Weiner’s emails also had a connection to the Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta’s emails a few weeks prior, but nothing had been substantiated. Still, the move by Comey to re-open the case was thought to be politically motivated. But as people in the online truth movement studied the contents of the emails – and established disturbing connections and patterns- this is looking less likely.

In my last article I submitted that the contents of the emails could be of a nature so nefarious that to not reopen the investigation would have surely meant full scale mutiny within the FBI and possibly the intelligence services too.  It seems that I was right in my assertion but I take no joy in being so. What has come out regarding the contents of the emails is quite possibly the most sickening thing I have ever heard of.

Members of the popular forums Reddit and 4Chan took it upon themselves to disseminate the Podesta emails and what they found was that John Podesta, his brother; Tony and other powerful people – including Anthony Weiner; husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin – were communicating in a system of codes based around innocent names of food – pizza, cheese, sauce, hotdogs, ice-cream, pasta. In and of itself not suggestive of anything nefarious. Though I can’t remember ever emailing any of my friends about pizza.  Still, I would not rule it out of the realm of possibility.

What raised suspicions was the context these words were used in and the frequency. In one email it was stated,

“Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.”

“Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them.”

“Do you think I’ll do better playing dominoes on cheese than on pasta?”

Aside from the obvious question of who plays dominoes on cheese – on the surface these comments appear largely innocuous. It is only when you know what the code words stand for that the depth of what they describe becomes clear.

“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of colour
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy

The online groups, consisting mainly of normal people concerned that there may be truth to the connections, went to work researching the code and later found it was the same one used by pedophiles to hide their activities. This suggested that these activities were going on within the frame work of something larger. No one expected what that would turn out to be.

The evidence – largely circumstantial at this time of writing – pointed to a small pizza shop in my old hometown of Washington DC as being the nexus of an international pedophile ring. Instantly bringing to mind the revelations of pedophilia by royal family friend, Jimmy Saville, after he passed away and the Franklin Cover Up closer to home.

But the mere fact that a group of largely untrained investigators had uncovered a possible pedophile ring involving some the most powerful people in Washington D.C. –  is not the most damning aspect of this discovery. It is instead the fact that there is also enough evidence to suggest that this pedophile ring may be engaging in ritual child sacrifice.

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I am going to stop there and I’ll tell you why. Not because I’m squeamish to talk about the details. As a writer of crime fiction, you build up a few extra layers of mental skin to keep gory details on the page and not your thoughts. For those who wish to see for themselves, I will include some links below.  I won’t talk about in this article because the last thing I want to do, around a subject like this, is trigger anyone’s cognitive dissonance.

One thing I have learned from watching this story unfold is that not everyone, even the most well-intentioned, is ready to wake up to the reality that this may be going on. Some will cling to the belief that our justice system would have rooted out such people by now. And most frustratingly, others will say,

Well if this was true then why haven’t I heard about it in the media yet?”

In the truth movement circles, triggering someone’s cognitive dissonance is known as “blue-pilling” someone. In reference to the first Matrix film where just before revealing what the Matrix is, Morpheus offers Neo a chance to stay in the comfortable word he is in – taking the blue pill; or going deeper and finding the truth- taking the red pill.

In the last week, what I have noticed is that the minute I begin talking about this to friends, many will mentally retreat to the space in their minds where monsters don’t exist if you don’t think about them.  And I don’t blame them, the implications are shattering.

Instead it has taken the efforts of a concerned group of citizens to bring this story to light. Which, to me, will ultimately go a long way to restoring faith in humanity. The only problem with concerned people uncovering truth it that; – it’s not our job, it is the MSM’s and they have failed to do so.

Instead what they have shown is that this story is not only unworthy of public attention but they are prepared to ensure that you don’t even look into it. To me, it is no coincidence that the post-election narrative labeling anything not reported by the MSM (or critical of Hillary Clinton) as “fake news” came on the heels of this story breaking in early November. But the effort to keep this story firmly labeled with the negative connotation of “conspiracy theory” doesn’t  stop there.

Over the weekend the two Reddit groups that had done the legwork in deciphering the code and establishing connections suddenly found their discussion groups deleted and banned over concerns of violating privacy laws.   This sparked a massive backlash on Twitter and Facebook that has since exploded into an online movement to expose what has been called “Pizzagate”

So my effort here is not to wake any one up to what is going on, but instead to call on the MSM to do their job and report the truth. Is it not newsworthy that an unprecedented investigative effort is under way by thousands of average citizens who believe children are being harmed and want to stop it? Is it not newsworthy that unknown entities are actively trying to censor any group that wants to engage in a responsible discussion about this topic? At the very least, doesn’t this many people who feel there is serious fire behind this smoke, warrant a tertiary fact checking of the details by the MSM?

An MSM that rather than admit their own failings in not having had presented a more balanced view of the American political landscape in 2016 – which would have been a positive step toward rebuilding public confidence in their ability to affect policy – instead decided to assign blame for Trump’s victory. As if offended that after all the negative press Trump had received from them, people would still choose him over Clinton. An MSM that then scrambled for a scape goat to sell to the public. Minorities, White women, black women, millennials discouraged by the poor choices, poor voter turnout, Russian hacking, fraud. Anything other than the fact that Clinton came with a lot of baggage.

At this point bi-partisanship is having a negative effect on political discourse and pertains very little to the issue of Pizzagate.  As a people we have never been so divided and I share zero interest in adding to that division, but the MSM’s inability to remain impartial in the political realm is important context for whatever comes next in the American experience.

The election came and went and the results only surprised those who had held on to the dying notion of an impartial MSM committed to reporting truth.  So when I hear educated, concerned  people tell me they will wait for the MSM to report this story to believe it has merit, I get frustrated. I imagine frustrating for anyone else who, like me, spent the last 18 months watching the MSM dig themselves into deeper and deeper holes. To many who would like to see the MSM regain their position as society’s ultimate truth bearer – the “fake news” narrative is shaping up to be their biggest shovel yet.

Postulating that anything that doesn’t come from the MSM could not possibly be factual or have gone through rigorous fact checking or editing.  Recall that within days of this narrative becoming the scape goat – a list was published of websites accused of reporting fake news. For the people who had blindly followed the MSM’s narratives for the past 18 months;  the fact that an assistant professor at Merrimack College – who was not a public figure – was suddenly the definitive judge on what was news and what was not, passed largely unchallenged. Their collective frustration and anger had created a vacuum where details, credentials or a public record had ceased to matter.

My own cognitive dissonance compels me to remain an optimist in the face of growing evidence surrounding Pizzagate, but with that I also see a chance for the MSM to re-earn their respect because let’s face it, they need a win at this point and Pizzagate, with its far reaching implication into child sex-trafficking and worse,  could be their chance to claim it.




The Problem Is, PizzaGate Is Possible





  • Reply michael martin December 2, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Good article, I am going to post it on my, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. The only one of size is Gab, I never paid much attention to social media until four months ago. Building a website that represents yourself will cause a person to change habits. I did so because even though I prefer privacy, I have a voice that I think can influence the narrative. That is needed in today’s society.
    I appreciate that you recognize the citizen investigators, but you need to call them out on exposing sources of information. They mean well, but they are causing doors to close. That was one of the points I tried do get across in the article. The other point was the MSM”s treatment of Alefantis as if he was some innocent. His own behavior with exposing children to sexually charged artful posters depicting ritualized child rape was, the words, I don’t have them. My point in that article was to point out PizzaGate has a real foundation to build on. I am currently completing a second article that I will release late Saturday or Sunday, it is a building on the evidence and reasoning. I work full time so my writing takes a backseat on time constraints.
    Anyway, thanks for considering me a viable source, I put a lot of work into my articles. As far as the FBI and the deep state leading into the election, I have a series of articles on that. With Jeff Sessions as AG I see it happening. and because of that I see Comey most likely being forced to resign. I grew up in that culture since my dad was an OIC for a non-disclosed SAC. When they get pissed off they can do some real damage. To why Comey will most likely run out of the FBI when Trump takes office so the door will not hit him in the ass.

  • Reply michael martin December 2, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    I am tired, I just worked a 13 hour day, but I put in some of my personal promoting of your article. I hope it drives some readers. Take care, I have some interesting articles coming out in the near future.

  • Reply Sérgio F. Monteiro December 3, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Thank you so much Michael, I am honoured that you would reach out and comment. I have my other articles linked to my FB account if you want to check them out. I also have them linked to my gab account.

    I just followed you on gab and I can’t wait to read your next piece. Ever since I unplugged myself from the MSM brainwashing, I have seen that a lot of people, from the most diverse backgrounds, actually feel the same way on a lot of things but we have been divided by all the ”isms” so long that a lot of people are afraid to reach out.

  • Reply michael martin December 5, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Hey Sergio, I posted my 2nd article on #PizzaGate at 3am. I said I would let you know when I released it, so here it is

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