Lura – Bida Mariadu

September 15, 2015

This Cape Verdean song is about the unspoken policy of neglect during colonial times under Portuguese rule (1462-1975), a policy that would culminate in the Revolution, followed by the War for Independence.

The song by Lura entitled, ‘Bida Mariadu,’ translates into the “hard life” of the unskilled Cabo-Verdean migrants living overseas.

AH ah ah 
fidju undi bu sta nha mae 

(oh son where are you, oh my)
n’ba djobi bida

(I went to chase after a life)
bida triste bida mariadu

(a life that’s sad, a life that’s messed up)
Pensa Noti moki n’ta fasi

(thought at night about how I would get through it)
Corri dia nada-nt’atcha ka 

(ran all day but I didn’t find anything)
Oi ma mundu e uedu

(the disappointment of this hurtful world)
ma Deus e grandi

(but God is big)
Ah ah ah 
Nha fidju perta cintura 

(My son, tighten your belt)
Ka bu  dizanima nau

(don’t lose hope)
di Bida ka mon Dadu beijadu 

(life is not given from a kissed hand)
Bu ten ki me forca de vontadi k

(you must have the force of will)
Na pobreza é pa  spera Tempu

(in poverty, you have to wait your turn)
Leba ku koragi nos dia-a-dia 

(with courage everyday)
Maior e poder di Deus

(the biggest power is God’s)
Fladu si nu poi mon nu ta djudadu 

(it said if we help ourselves, we will be helped)
Nha fidju ka bu para nau

(my son, don’t stop)
quem Mo ki sempri we Spera t’alcanca

(for those who wait will reach it)

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